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About LAB...

LAB is the name of the artistic practice of

Louis Alderson-Bythell, a visual artist based in London.


LAB primarily works in sculpture and with living and non-living matter. Biological intelligences, deep time, environmental and material plasticity are potent references in their work, driven by a curiosity into the ways we relate to our environment through scientific, social and spiritual lenses.


LAB collaborates with other artists, community organisations as well as scientists, from varied fields such as Insect Behavioural Ecology, Lichenology and Artificial Intelligence. These multifaceted networks are critical the development of  their works and to offer diverse perspectives on how to engage with our shared ecologies.  


Recently their practice has evolved into the production of public artworks, this is motivated by a desire to explore public practice as a method for positive community futuring. Their most recent work is a ‘Bio-chronological Clock’ made in collaboration with Gothamie Weerakoon – senior curator of lichen at the Natural History Museum.

Their work has exhibited nationally and internationally at ArtNight London, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Vigeland Museum, Thorvaldens Museum, and Rotterdam Art Week.


A former resident of the Sarabande Foundation and Praksis Oslo, LAB also works as a lecturer and researcher in the School of Design at the Royal College of Art in London, and has lead the Bio-Platform for the last 2 years. 

Please use the email to get in touch or reach out on instagram using the links on this page. 


Address: North Grove Studios, 32 North Grove,

London, N15 5QP

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