LAB is an artist, researcher and lecturer from the North of England. Their work is predominantly in sculpture and employs performance, costume, digital artefact, algorithmic design and ecological practice.


LAB interrogates the relationships between human and non-human ecologies, genetics and biological technology, environmental observation through deep time, bio-politics, and the interplay between stability and plasticity in ecological systems. These areas are used as lenses to explore, interrogate and showcase the poetry and interdependence in more-than-human systems, unearth and build new narratives around them.


Their work has been shown at Kunsthal Charlottenborg – Spring Exhibition (2020) at Art Night London (2018), Rotterdam Art Week (2018) and Fashion Clash Festival (2019) with Schuit Collections and at MOMA NY for the Biodesign challenge (2017). Their work has been featured in publication such as Forbes, Vogue and Clot Magazine.


LAB has orated at the Thorvaldens Museum (DK), Vigeland Museum (NO) and has completed residencies at Praksis, Oslo(Perfection:Speculation 2021) and at the SVFK (Copenhagen 2019). 


LAB is currently a resident at the Sarabande Foundation established by Alexander McQueen.