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LAB is the artistic practice of Louis Alderson-Bythell. LAB creates sculptural works that explore ecology and the idea of nature to reflect on the narratives we create between humans and non-humans. Their work has exhibited nationally and internationally at ArtNight London, Kunsthal Charlottenborg Copenhagen, The Vigeland Museum Oslo, Thorvaldens Museum Copenhagen, and Art Week Rotterdam. LAB is a former resident at the Sarabande Foundation. More recently LAB has created public sculptures for sites in Denmark and Switzerland. 

Alongside their creative practice, LAB has been a lecturer at the Royal College of Art, in the School of Design since 2018 and has lead the Bio-Platform in Fashion since 2021. LAB participates in academic research as part of the AiDesign Lab, having previously worked in the HX Materials Lab and Future Fashion Factory at the RCA. A former director of Copenhagen based creative Studio 'Material Think Space' as well as a starting founder of the pollination technology company 'Olombria'. Their interests span multiple fields in arts, science and technology with a critical view on social ideas of ecologies and biology.



- Living Lichen Clock | Public Sculpture | Martigny, Switzerland.

- Finding the Metabiont | Public workshop in collaboration Greg Swan | Cursor - Off Grid

- Neo Couture, Aid Lab | Presentation of Research work | Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China.


- Sundby Portals | 3 site-specific public sculptures (In collaboration with Natural Materials Studio) | Copenhagen, Denmark.

- Two Rocks Talking about the Weather - 'Soon this will be Over' Sarabande Foundation | Exhibition of two Sculptures | London, England.

- Primitive tools of Super-organism Earth - 'Uhrformen' Sarabande Foundation | Exhibition of three Sculptures | London, England.

- Temporal Tendrils of the Metabiont | Public workshop in collaboration Greg Swan | Fiber Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- Statens Værkstader for Kunst | Residency | Copenhagen, Denmark.

- Sarabande Foundation | Residency | London, England. 


- Perfection Speculation - Praksis | Residency | Oslo, Norway.

- Topic Talks - Thorvaldens Museum | Presentation of work and talk | Copenhagen, Denmark. 

- Day Bed - Dinesen Showroom | Sculpture Exhibition | Aarhus, Denmark. 


- Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Spring Exhibition | Exhibition of 2 Sculptures | Copenhagen, Denmark.


- Colony Collapse | Video Screening in collaboration with Sam Roots and Greg Swan | Science Gallery Dublin


- Art Rotterdam - Marzee for Starters | Exhibition of a series of Sculptures with Schuitt Collections | Rotterdam, Netherlands.

- Fashion Clash Festival | Exhibition of Video Work and Still Photography | Maastricht, Netherlands. 

- Hayward Gallery Art Night | 1 Hour Duration performance | London, England.

- London Design Festival - Biodesign, Here, Now | Exhibition of Work | London, England. 


- BioDesign Challenge | Exhibition of work in collaboration with Sam Roots and Greg Swan | London, England

- BioDesign Challenge - MOMA | Exhibition of work in collaboration with Sam Roots and Greg Swan | NYC, USA. 

- Red Hook Labs | Sculpture exhibited as part of a Group Show | New York, USA. 


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